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Pat Gentenaar-Torley paints in a unique medium: pigmented fibers of a paper made from plants. Using a vacuum table and infinite care, she layers the colored fibers and vacuums them down flat, to produce a textured painting that has resonances no other method can achieve. To the hurried eye they somewhat resemble brush paintings with a strong Asian influence, tempered by a traditional Western approach, and seen here in flowers, animal figures, and landscapes.

Pat has been making these paintings in paper fiber for many years, but you can’t quite reproduce them in two dimensions, and you can’t make prints that capture their special attributes. It’s entirely possible you have never seen her originals, though the list of galleries, museums, and shows that have featured them (see her C.V. inside) is truly impressive.

This book serves as an introduction to her work: her methods; her background; her gallery and other shows and demonstrations; and, most importantly, forty stunning examples of her art. Additional illustrations show the machine she uses to build her paper fibers, and a high-resolution detail image from one of her paintings shows fiber structure.

You can read this book on any of the available e-readers (including readers that run on your desktop, laptop, or tablet), but it will be seen to best advantage in a system with full color and high resolution. Newer devices that allow you to select and enlarge images will reward you with surprising amounts of detail. 

Pat’s paintings are available for sale at the prices you would expect. This book, however, is priced as cheaply as we could make it. We have not encumbered the book with digital rights management (DRM), and you are free to use the images as computer wallpaper, or put them on your other computers or phones or digital picture frames. You can even give away your copy of the book, or sell it, or lend it. We trust you. Don’t prove us wrong. 

Tell your friends about Pat’s paintings in paper fiber! Here are forty.