The need to make good pulp from long fibers like flax and hemp made me look at different beaters on the market. No beater had the qualities I looked for, so in 1991, I designed my own HOLLANDER, BEATER.

A machine suitable for beating long fibers, flax, hemp or sisal, as well as for beating soft and short fibers like cotton linters. The machine is built in stainless steel and has a bronze bedplate. The bronze bedplate has the same curve as the knife roll, this gives effective grinding/beating over a surface of: ± 20 x 10 cm. The distance between the roll and the bedplate can be finely adjusted. Also the weight under which the fibers are beaten can be varied from 0 to 60 kilo’s. This means you can use the beater on very delicate fibers and on very strong and rough fibers as well.
Because of the construction of the beater, see photo, all the parts like the bronze bed-plate and the knives roll can be reached and cleaned. This means you can color your fibers with pigments or dye stuff in the beater. I never have to cook my fibers.
There is a factory guarantee on the beater of one year and it has an EU CE safety certificate. The beater comes with the following instruction video:

Dimensions: 112 cm long; 62 cm wide; 105 cm high.
The weight is 175 kilo.
It can beat at one time: 500 grams of unrefined fiber, like raw flax or hemp; or 1000 grams of industrially cleaned halfstuff cellulose or cut up textile rags in pieces of 5 x 5 cm.
The tub holds 35 liters of water.
The noise is strong at the beginning of the beating and lowers into a more constant rumble after a while.
I advise to put the beater in a separate little room.
Beating times for unrefined fiber 4 to 6 hours.
For halfstuff cellulose and rags ± 2 hours
I do arrange the crate and the transportation all over the world.

At the moment we are awaiting a new price for the machine from our manufacturer.

Beater with 1.5 kilo watt, 3-phase, 380 volts electro motor?
Optional: Wheels€ 50,-
Crating€ 250,-
All prices without VAT