Paper & Fire/Papier en Vuur, 1998

An unusual book with a hole in it, to cradle the little paper sample book, which was separately bound and connected to the mother book by a ribbon.

The same formula as in Tactile Paper is followed: first a catalogue part of the artist in the Paper Biennial, followed by a collection of stories.

The inspiration for the theme Fire, came from a video about Burmese fire balloons in the shape of animals, by Eileen Koretsky. I wrote a chapter around it trying to link the balloon of the Mongolfiers, also papermakers, to the balloons in Asia. Other topics are Chinese funeral ceremonies, cigarette paper, acidic writing ink, used for centuries, burning through the paper, and Dutch paper trade in the 17th century.

Pat & Peter Gentenaar were the editors and also the publishers of Paper & Fire. Loes Schepens was the graphic designer.

Price: € 80.-