Paper & Water/Papier & Water, 2000

Bound in the felt used on the Foudrinier paper machine, this book stands out.

The catalog high lights paper jewelry.

The theme for the stories is water.

For the archive of the Nederlandsche Bank, Peter Koeze wrote a chapter on the watermarks in Dutch banknotes, since the Euro was on its way in and the guilder would soon disappear.

Other topics are the development of the Hollander, also known as the beater, Japanese marbling, suminagashi and Japanese raindrop paper, Sukimoyo. The paper samples are bound into a special folder tucked under the cover of the book.

Pat & Peter Gentenaar were the editors and also the publishers of Paper & Water. Loes Schepens the graphic designer.

In 2001, Papier & Water won the prize for Best Designed Book of the year.

Price: € 60,-