Many books have been printed containing the works of either Pat and Peter and they themselves have produced books on paper art.

For the Holland Paper Biennial, which was started in 1996 by Peter and Pat Gentenaar, they edited 7 books.

A biennial book was published for each of the first seven biennials.

Tactile Paper 1996 (sold out)
Paper & Fire 1998
Paper & Water 2000
Timeless Paper 2002
Spirit of Paper 2004
Paper takes flight 2006
Pure Paper 2008

Each book is an artwork in itself. The first section is a catalog of the exposition and the second consists of articles on cultural and historical subjects focused on a certain theme. There are paper samples from some of the artists and for some of the articles.
Loes Schepens, graphic design Eindeloos, did the design for all the books.

Peter and Pat have each had a book published in the series Haags Palet, and also are included in several other books about their own work, in Dutch and English.

Pat’s newer book in the Haags Pallet series (the square red one) has about 50 pictures, is in Dutch and English, and costs 15 euro, ex. postage

To accompany the show in Suzhou, 2017 a beautiful leather bound book in cassette was made. There are still a few for sale, €60,– a piece.