Timeless Paper/Tijdloos Papier, 2002

The graphic design by Loes Schepens gives the book many surprises, like pop ups, text appearing by fading paper, paper samples shown with every artist’s article on tabs cut into the side of the page and 3-D glasses for the photographs in the chapter by Gene Valentine and Charles Kazilek from the University of Arizona.

Other writers are prof. Fabrizio Pennacchietti on the history of text carriers, Brian and Maureen Richardson with the history of papyrus, complemented by an instruction on how to make your own papyrus out of vegetables like leeks. Walter Ruprecht shares his experiences setting up hand papermaking groups among the poorest of Zimbabwe, using crop residues and other waste and Peter Gentenaar describes papermaking without wood.

Compilation of the stories, P&P Gentenaar.

Price: € 60,-