_PGP2122_Gentenaar II_

Spin and Fly (1979)
Pulp schilderij met zijde weefstuk erin geperst
Pulp painting with embedded silk weaving
foto Pat Torley

One thought on “_PGP2122_Gentenaar II_

  1. Pat, my name is Matthew Janssen. I grew up in the Netherlands when my father worked there between 1979 and 1983. My parents bought this piece while we lived there. My mom recently moved and gave this to me, as I have always loved it. It hung in a place of prominence in our house after we moved back to the States, and I have fond memories of it. I just recently rehung it in my studio space here in Portland, Oregon. It is in great shape and gives me great joy to have it above where I work every day. Great to see all your other pieces. thanks, Matt Janssen


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